Sound is an essential part to a video game experience or app. Using High-Quality sound design and implementing them into the project.
I can create unique and fresh sounding audio for your game.


Music Composition can really bring out an emotion or atmosphere. A good composition can add fear, excitement, tension and every other emotion that a person can feel in the real world. I have experience in composing musical compositions which can help you get what you need.


Field Recordings are essential when it comes to recording organic sounds in the real world. High-Quality recordings is extremely useful when you want to engage the player and make them feel like they are hearing what they hear when they step outside.

Recent Posts

Triggered-Based Audio Tutorial (UDK)

Hi guys, just wanted to do a quick post to help anyone who wanted to add trigger-based audio inside the Unreal Engine. UDK is completely free on their website, you just have to create an account. For this tutorial I will be using the first person project which can be found in the “New […]

UDK Shooter Game – Audio Evaluation

This is an evaluation of my sound design and audio implementation in the Shooter Game Level in Unreal Engine 4 (UDK). Click on the link below to open PDF document. UDK-Shooter-Game-Evaluation

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